Spare Change Press

Spare Change Press was started in 1979 by David McCoy and Ralph McGinnis. Regretfully, though, when McCoy transferred to Ashland University, McGinnis bowed out.

The first SCP venture was a small poetry magazine entitled Guts and Grace.  After several years, the focus switched to a small flyer called Solo Flyer which featured three poems by an individual artist.

Once McCoy retired from teaching in 2010, he decided to expand Solo Flyer into the Ten Leaves poetry chapbook series.

From its inception, SCP has remained committed to publishing young and emerging poets.  Another unique feature of the press is that publications are not sold by McCoy. Instead, each publication runs between 25 and 30 copies, of which all are given to the author to either give away or sell for his/her own profit.

SCP was also created as a place for McCoy to publish his own works of poetry. In 2012, when he switched to writing non-fiction digital books, In Your Hand Digital Books was created to distinguish between print and electronic publishing.

Because print publications are given as payment and seldom sold, and what small royalties earned from digital books are donated to McCoy's prep school, chapbooks are published when he saves up enough spare change thrown into a time-worn coffee can.

Small that it may be, Spare Change Press is listed with Bowker.

David B. McCoy, Editor